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Software Development

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Time to change your technical architecture. Evolve from a rigid legacy core system to an agile, modular ecosystem of connected layers powered by cloud architecture and microservices. 

  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Еvent-driven Аrchitecture
  • Containers & Microservices

Software Quality Assurance

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No amount of testing can prove a software right, a single test can prove a software wrong. From functionality to security, with our quality assurance testing every aspect of your project is covered. 

  • Quality at Speed
  • Opportunities Analysis
  • Behavioral Predictions

Security & Operations

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Cloud to Bare Metal Integration. Infrastructure as a code, Continuous Integration and Delivery. 

Let us bring your legacy services to modern technology. You will save on resources - visibility, workforce and time in the process.

  • Docker Orchestration
  • Automated Deployment
  • Reduced Operational Cost

Business Process Management

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Analyse, Design, Orchestrate and Improve your Business Processes. Streamline your digital transformation with an automation-based technology in order to achieve process excellence.

  • Discover Digital Performance
  • Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Optimize Cross-Enterprise Workflows